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Spiritual Business Strategist MasterClass #888Code
YOU are the missing piece to the puzzle
Poor operation of your business is a
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Wednesday, August 23rd 6pmEST
What is the 888 Code?

The 888 code is the formula that Thema uses to get paid well, every day, to be her authentic self. In this class, you learn how to create business success through radical self-acceptance. Insecurity is costly in busines.

Clarity about how to monetize yourself
Real-time results in creating your business infrastructure
Recognition & Recovery from Entrepreneaurial Trauma
My 9 figure income making business coach changed my life.
She solidified for me, that the way I could take my business to the next level over night, was to stop making fear based decisions and address my insecurities.
I already knew that faith was foundational to my empire building. She was absolutely right.
I saw a 100% ROI within 48 hours of working through the things she brought to my attention. Through her, and other mentors, I learned how easy it is to succeed and have that success show up as money in the bank.
I never changed my website in her coaching program, or my systems, or my flyer designs... I focused on changing how I viewed myself inside and outside of my business.
Being in business is not the anecdote for low self-esteem. We did not do a bunch of worksheets about questions to ask my clients or templates for discovery calls... Instead I had to answer some questions I was refusing to answer about myself.
I really simply focused on overcoming my fears and healing my insecurities that shaped and molded my business model.
I cannot wait to show the #888Code in our upcoming #SpiritualBusinessStrategist Master Class!
My financial results, miraculous. More importantly though...
I learned how to not let fear keep me from functioning at my highest potential. I learned how to let positive impact in the world be the constant motivation for how I work, and ...
I learned that PERFECTION IS NOT REQUIRED to be successful and impactful. The moment I believed I was enough, I began to operate a business as if ENOUGH was present. I worked what I had until I had more.
I cannot wait to be a part of your next defining moment in your business. I cannot wait to see what you create from this experience. You deserve to go up. There is more for you and I am here to show you how to access it.
5 Days of Executive Level
Group Coaching
+ Access to a community of 
empowerment professionals
"You are LITERALLY one key decision away from changing the trajectory of your life. Many times it is a simple YES that changes everything."