This is the time of the year when calling your energy back to yourself is essential to preparing for the changes coming for the new year.
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When it comes to being grounded and finding balance, I knew when I didn't have it but had no idea how to describe what I was looking for so I could hope to find it. Every time I work with Thema I find what I didn't know I needed; precious, neglected parts of myself. This class really gave me tools that were simple enough for me to grab, hold, and add to my life yet powerful in helping me help myself grow emotionally and spiritually. I'm so grateful.
This course for me was grounding. It caused me to make time for myself. I allowed me to take a glimpse into my world and see what has really been going on. Even though 7 days was not nearly enough time to barely scratch the surface I was able to see where the leaks and cracks exist in my emotional foundation. I am encouraged and have been equipped with some tools to assist me when I am out of emotional alignment and need to be centered and realigned. I would highly recommend this class for anyone coming from every background... even simplify it on an elementary school level and teach it to our babies who have experienced trauma too soon. It was really a good class and I would do it over again. I have been "Empowered to Prosper" and I'm not relying on my emotions because they are neutral. This is what I know!!!
This class helped me to courageously dive into my emotions with less fear and an easier resolve within myself that brought deep peace and clarity.
"I teach women how to process their emotions so that when they contradict their truth, they can stand in their truth despite how they feel."
Each day there is an audio lesson to support you in meditating, time and energy management, and tuning into your heart space. There are two 60-minute group coaching calls in this process: one at the beginning of the week and one at the close.
This is not a class designed for intense trauma processing and recovery. We are keeping things light and helping you learn how to ground the intensity of your emotions.
The focus is on connecting you to your heart space, your emotional health, and being loved on and providing tools to become radical with your acceptance of where you are emotionally.
Acceptance is the medicine you need when your emotions are running on autopilot.
Thema Azize Serwa
Founder of The Womb Sauna
Course Instructor
This 7-day Masterclass will allow you to learn how to:
* Become fully present and aware of your emotional state
* Practice patience, surrender and trust to ground your energy
* Manifest what you desire from a peaceful state
* Use your words and silence wisely as a creative tool
* Embrace 'intentional ignorance'
* Spiritually hibernate for psychological and emotional replenishment
* Recognize and move through seasonal depression and anxiety
Please be mindful and intentional about your yes to this class. All funds paid, whether partial or full are non-refundable.