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The Power of Pleasure

Sensual & Sexual Masterclass

I teach women how to tap into the #POWERofPleasure and their entire lives transform. My journey from shame, guilt, trauma, to sexual and sensual freedom is a sacred one.
I am not casual about this teaching, it is intentional and far too important.

I found God in my flesh. I learned how to understand my sensual and sexual development and mature it. Nothing has felt more sacred than being fully present in my body and knowing God was there. It helped me reclaim my power and heal in ways I could have never planned.

There is a part of the healing journey that feels good. Let me introduce you to it.

This class could be for everybody, but everybody has there time and season for this kind of experience. 
Decide if this is your season to discover how pleasure is medicine.
Next Class starts October 11th, 2021 8pmEST
Course Curriculum
This experience includes a weekly group coaching call and a deep dive into the psychology you hold about your sensual and sexual health.
It is intense emotionally and spiritually and life transforming. Prayerfully come into this process ready to learn and receive greater freedom.

Week 1 - The Value System Reset
Week 2 - Vulnerability, Intimacy, & Trust
Week 3 - Embrace Your Inner Sensual Savage
Week 4 - Self-Pleasure as Your New Standard

Option of 2 Additional Weeks of LIVE group coaching and BONUS content:
Week 5 - The Energy Management of Sex
Week 6 - Sex Rituals and Rites of Passages
***Additional Cost of $99 for BONUS Content***
Meet Your Instructor
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Too often as women we do not prioritize pleasure, because of outdated value systems or we simply are not educated about the health benefits of pleasure based medicine.

However, there are women who live longer and healthier lives because they tend to their sensual and sexual health, like they would their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health.

The same way you count how many cups of water you drink per day, you should count how many orgasms you have, the types that you have, and the physiological impact of them.

We believe women should #HealEverything.